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   A14 Road Layout changes - updated    6 September, 2019

We have been advised of further permanent changes to the A14 for access to Oakington and Cambridge.

Please note below some changes to the A14 this weekend:

The A14 is closed westbound on Saturday night for traffic re-alignment and when it reopens on Sunday morning, drivers will be able to access the A14 westbound from the new slip road off the A1307 Huntingdon Road.

It will be no longer possible to enter the A14 westbound at the Dry Drayton (junction 30)  All access to the A14 westbound will be from the new westbound A1307 slip road, any drivers from Dry Drayton, Oakington and Madingley villages wanting to join A14 WB will need to take the new Local Access Road east past the Crematorium to the new A1307 on slip.

At the same time, lanes 2 and 3 of the A14 westbound carriageway from just past the Dry Drayton junction (30) will be switched to run on the old eastbound carriageway and lane 1 will be for access to the Dry Drayton and Bar Hill junctions ONLY.

On Sunday night, the A14 will be closed eastbound between St Ives J26 and M11 southbound J14, for various works included the changes detailed below. Due to the recent layout change between Bar Hill and Oakington, we will be able to keep this local lane open eastbound between junctions 29 and 30 during this closure.

This is added to the earlier bulletin ,,,

The A14 Eastbound exit to Oakington and Dry Drayton has now been permanently closed:

Those wishing to leave the A14 for Oakington and Dry Drayton will be required to use the layout that has been in place this week; this is to exit the A14 in lane 1 at junction 29 for Bar Hill and continue on the section of local road to the junction 30 exit.

Also, access to Cambridge from the A14 Eastbound has been altered:

There is now a dedicated slip road AFTER the A14 eastbound turn off to take you into Cambridge on the A1307 Huntingdon Road. Please follow the signs and not your sat nav.

Other changes are expected imminently near Bar Hill and for accesses on the Westbound carriageway.

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